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MNEMONIC: Venice Architecture Biennial 2023

Back to Projects Marks on the landscape hold the memory of ancient material choreographies of water, fire and earth – within, around and over which, the fleeting presence of human imagination is carved, folded and draped. Featured in the curator’s special [...]

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Back to Projects 2018 marked the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. This historic year was acknowledged internationally with exhibitions in Winnipeg, Fortaleza, Dublin, London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Bristol. The exhibition content was based on the permanent Mandela Exhibition at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, as well [...]

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REGROUNDING: Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial Competition

Back to Projects CAPE TOWN, 2022 Ramutloa, George; 19 July 1915. A labourer, run over by a wagon while stationed in Kalkfeldt, Namibia. Makhaleyane, Maeil; 15 April 1916. An ox-driver, died on board the SS Aragon following an infection of Malaria, after [...]

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Back to Projects UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA, 2020 Immersion. Suspension. Reflection. Beads from the World Heritage Sites of Schroda, K2 and Mapungubwe constitute the ‘Mapungubwe Bead Assemblage’ – with some dating as far back as 900AD. Glass, stone, shell, clay, copper, iron and bronze comprise the material palette of these miniature artworks [...]

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Back to Projects TRUTH TO POWER: DESMOND TUTU AND THE CHURCHES IN THE STRUGGLE AGAINST APARTHEID, APARTHEID MUSEUM, JOHANNESBURG, 2019 Six chapters chronicle the life and contribution of one of South Africa’s most beloved heroes: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu. [...]

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Back to Projects JOHANNESBURG, 2022 In celebration of the University’s centenary in 2022, Centenary Stories was a short feature series in the Wits University Alumni Office publication, The Wits Review that charted the influences, overlaps and consequences of the university’s role in the historic political shift towards democracy in South Africa. [...]

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Back to Projects JAVETT ART CENTRE, PRETORIA, 2021 Located at the entrance to the ‘National Treasures’ exhibit of gold artefacts at the Javett Art Centre, the relationship between artefact, people and landscape from the Mapungubwe Archive, frames this exhibition and initiates contemporary dialogues and translations around land, identity and belonging. [...]

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